Low key – I eat this almost every day. It’s mega fast to make, taste damn good and has everything you need after a hard workout (if that’s a thing you like)

P.S. This is a wholesome portion. I’m a big guy (193 cm and 100kg) and I’m stuffed after this.

Portions: 1 (big portion. I essentially make 1/2 of everything for Christine )



  1. Cook the oatmeal with the roasted almond (amount of roasted almond may vary per oatmeal. Check package). Add the salt when it’s almost ready.
  2. After it’s done, put in a bowl and add frozen blueberry. Don’t worry about the grams, just add what you would like.
  3. Take a banana and split it in small pieces with a spoon and add in bowl
  4. Add 2 big tbsp of cottage cheese
  5. Sprinkle cinnamon and akaise honey over the whole thang
  6. Mix it all together so the blueberries de-frozt

Boom-shakalaka!1 This will give you gains you need! Nom Nom.



28. June 2018

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